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Filmmaking Stuff is the professional resource for entrepreneurial filmmakers, providing tactics on film producing, film funding, and film distribution.

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Friday Sep 09, 2022

When it comes to theatrical film distribution, there are a lot of different ways to get your movie in front of an audience. In this episode, Tom Malloy discusses the theatrical distribution strategy he's using for his upcoming feature film.

Friday Aug 19, 2022

In this episode, Jason Brubaker talks about filmmaker motivation. He discusses the importance of understanding your reason for making films and how to stay motivated even when life gets in the way.

Friday Jul 22, 2022

Movie distribution is constantly changing. In this episode, you'll get an overview of the current movie distribution trends for 2022. This information will help you decide how to distribute your movie.

Friday Jul 08, 2022

A minimum guarantee (MG) is the minimum amount of money a distributor will pay to acquire rights to a film. In this episode, film producer Tom Malloy explains the difference between a minimum guarantee and an advance, and how to improve your odds of negotiating a favorable MG with your next deal.

Friday Jun 24, 2022

As an indie filmmaker, you know how important it is to get your movie distributed. In this episode, Tom Malloy shares five powerful tips for negotiating a fantastic distribution deal. So whether you're developing your next film or currently in festivals, these tips will help you.

Friday Jun 17, 2022

Many film producers find it hard to meet with writers, directors, investors, and other Hollywood heavyweights. Sometimes the quickest way to get a meeting is by cold calling. However, no one likes cold calling. In this episode, we share a hack that can help you get the meeting.

Friday Jun 10, 2022

The executive producer is the most important producer on a movie. They often provide the money and make decisions about how a movie gets made. In this episode, Tom Malloy shares his thoughts on why Robert Evans is the best producer of all time.

Friday Jun 03, 2022

Networking is key to success in the movie business, but it can be tough to do without coming across as creepy. In this episode, Tom Malloy shares five tactics for networking in the movie business without being creepy.

Saturday May 28, 2022

The Cannes Film Market is a great place for movie producers and insiders. This year, the market had some great things to offer for anyone looking to produce films. In this episode, Tom Malloy shares five of the most important ones.

Friday May 20, 2022

Robert Kiyosaki is a famous author and investor who has written a lot about personal finance. In this episode, we talk about ONE of the important lessons he teaches in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad that can be applied to filmmaking.

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